Middle School  Program:

This is a GENERAL PHYSICAL PREPARATION (GPP) program that will prepare Middle School athletes physically, mentally and emotionally for sports and life.  Athletes will perform various Calisthenics and body weight exercises, Carrying odd objects, sled drags, Speed/Agility Drills and Jump/Power training. The goal here is to build self confidence, Strength , Speed  and Agility in a positive EMPOWERING environment.

 ** Younger athletes will be considered for entrance to the program based upon Emotional Readiness..



High School and College Program:


A group session for HS and College athletes designed to increase Strength, Speed,  Agility, Stamina, Mental Preparation and overall Athletic Performance.



ADULT Strength and Fitness:

Our private small group adult Program is geared to meet every fitness level. From working Moms, Dads, to all Fitness enthusiasts. A FREE Thirty Minute assessment will be given on your first day. We will go over your short and long term fitness goals and plan out a personal program for you. At Wyman's we will provide the Tools to help you on your fitness journey, all while training in a safe, supportive and caring environment. The training will be a blend of Body weight, Dumbbells, Barbells and Strong man exercises that will ultimately transform your body into the strongest version of YOU. All our Clients will be personally coached in proper technique and execution of all above mentioned exercises.