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Our son Evan Barczak started working with strength and conditioning coach Dan Wyman the summer before his seventh grade year. Dan has been a guiding force for Evan in achieving his athletic goals, which included making the Varsity Wrestling team as a seventh grader, becoming a multiple Section 9 champion, a multiple state place winner, champion of several national tournaments, and most recently earning his 200 th High School Varsity win. Dan employs a holistic approach to his training which include flexibility, strength, endurance, health eating, pre work out tips and recovery strategies. Dan has an excellent knowledge base and makes it his mission to be well educated and informed on best practices in the nutrition and strength training fields. He also learns the conditioning needs of each sport his athletes are participating in and tailors the workouts accordingly. For example, strong wrists are essential for a wrestler, and Dan will incorporate moves like the farmers walk to target them. Dan challenges Evan to always strive for his best and push his boundaries. All of that makes Dan an excellent coach, but two other things stand out that make him incredible. Dan does not put limits on the training he provides for the athletes. Other gyms assign you a half hour training time slot once or twice a week but Dan understands that his athletes want more. He offers several options almost daily, which is excellent for busy students and busy families. If an athlete has a big game, meet or tournament, Dan does not hesitate to offer that extra pre or post training session that can make the difference in performance. Most importantly, Dan treats my son and all the athletes he works with like they are his own children. He has given up countless hours of his own time to be at Evan’s matches and tournaments, not only to improve his training methods, but also because of the love he has for what he does and for his athletes. We highly recommend Dan Wyman as a strength and conditioning coach for your athlete. The dedication, knowledge, motivation, and support you will receive is incomparable.

Ray and Melissa Barczak

David Ross

David has been with Dan Wyman for almost a year.  Dan got David in tip-top shape for football and increased his running speed on the field.  Dan makes David’s workouts challenging and he pushes David to his limits.  In addition to Dan being very know knowledgeable in this field, Dan understands the goals that David is trying to achieve and Dan continually provides advice and varied programs for David to achieve his goals.   As a parent, I would not trust too many people with my son’s workout and I have found Dan Wyman to be extremely educated and an expert in this field.  Five Star rating for Wyman trained. 


~ Tina Ross

Happy Happy Parent!!!

Connor McCleary

Our son Connor has been training with Coach Wyman for the past 3 years.  Connor started out attending 2x a week and with the improvements we saw in him and he saw in himself he is now dedicated to Coach Dan’s training 6 days a week. Connor has grown physically and mentally as a young man with Coach Dan’s guidance.  His strength and speed have increased tremendously.  Coach Dan has pushed Connor out of his comfort zone and this year his hard work paid off.  Connor’s main sport and training focus is football and he played on the MW JV football team this past fall and at the end of that season earned the privilege of being pulled up to Varsity.  Without Coach Dan’s guidance and Connor’s drive to improve that milestone may not have occurred.  Coach Dan is more than just a “Coach” but has also been a mentor and someone that Connor can look up to!!


Staci & Brian McCleary


Our two sons have been training with Dan Wyman for the past 4 years. In that time we have seen tremendous gains both physically and mentally in both of them. We have been very impressed by Dan's passion to help our sons and his ability to connect with them. We have seen their confidence grow both on and off the playing field.
Dan is very caring and attentive to what our sons needs and limits are. We would highly recommend this gym to everyone.


~ Frank and Andrea Calderone

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